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  • In 2005, two physicians working in a large community hospital in southern California were asked to consult on the same patient.  Both physicians were board certified specialists (one in Infectious Diseases/Internal Medicine and the other in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine).  The patient was in isolation, and after donning gown and gloves they each came to examine the patient’s heart and lungs using the hospital-provided, disposable stethoscope.  Within minutes they each decided to abandon the use of the provided, acoustically inferior stethoscope in favor of their own high quality scope, after applying an isolation glove over the bell of each of their stethoscopes.

    This chance encounter led to much discussion regarding the lack of a commercially available barrier product designed to prevent patient-to-patient transfer of stethoscope associated microorganisms.  Over the ensuing months and years, these physicians designed a stethoscope barrier that was acoustically transparent, allowed for rapid donning and doffing, and which completely covered the bell as well as the tubing likely to be contaminated during physical examination. The device was subsequently tested in a busy Intensive Care Unit and further refined based on physician, nurse, and respiratory therapist feedback. Two U.S. patents later, the Steth-GLOVE™ was born.