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  • The Problem

    • Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality.
    • In the United States, about one in 20 hospital in-patients develop an infection related to hospital care
      up to 2 million patients per year.
    • Stethoscopes are a proven site of contamination by pathogenic microorganisms or their spores.
    • Despite recommendations to do so, healthcare personnel do not clean their stethoscopes frequently.
    • Many facilities require use of cheap, disposable stethoscopes left in isolation rooms:
      • which are rarely used by providers due to poor sound transmission during patient examination
      • are shared amongst multiple healthcare providers, without interval cleaning.
      • are only used for patients already known to harbor resistant or dangerous pathogens
        with uncertain cleaning between providers.
    • No universally accepted barrier device for stethoscopes are currently in use.

    The Solution

    • Finally, a solution to the missing link in barrier precautions for all healthcare settings has become available.
    • Developed by two board certified physicians specializing in Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine.
    • The Steth-GLOVE™ can be used in all healthcare settings to prevent patient-to-patient transmission of potential
      pathogens via stethoscope.
    • The Steth-GLOVE™ holds two U.S. Patents.

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